The way Medicare & Medicaid is being run is completely inefficient


These programs are supposed to provide care to those in need, however finding a doctor willing to participate is becoming extremely difficult.  If you’re a doctor and you see a Medicare patient, you will make almost 20% less than if you saw a patient with private payments. And if you were to see a Medicaid patient it gets even worse as your payments would drop to about 45% less. Unfortunately, many physicians can’t afford to treat Medicare & Medicaid patients, and when they drop out of the program, these patients will be even worse off.


Look at Texas where 172 doctors dropped out of Medicare last year bringing it to a total of 450 doctors leaving the system since 2008. In fact, of those physicians who still accept Medicare, 34% have either limited the number of Medicare patients they’re willing to see or simply aren’t accepting any new ones.


Unfortunately, other states are seeing similar trends and this is only going to get worse. According to a survey by the Opinion Research Corporation, 67% of primary care doctors said under current conditions new Medicaid enrollees will have trouble finding a primary care physician. This will become even more unfortunate as 18 million people are added into Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.


We need a system that will help those in need get the care they require.


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