Medicare Patients Finding it Difficult to Find a Doctor

If you’re a Medicare patient, it’s getting much harder to find a doctor willing to see you as 1 out of 5 doctors and 1/3 of all primary care physicians are limiting the number of Medicare patients they’re willing to see. Which explains why about 25% of Medicare patients complain that they’re having trouble finding a doctor who will see them. The timing for this couldn’t be worse as this year marks the year when the first of 75 million baby boomers turn 65 and begin joining Medicare. This generation has more health problems than the other generations of the past.

Another problem is that there continues to be less and less qualified Geriatricians and primary care doctors, as a result, there’s a chance that there won’t be enough people properly trained to take care of an entire aging population. One of the main reasons is that doctors in these specialties don’t make nearly the same amount of money as doctors in others. Unfortunately, many people graduating from medical school are choosing to go into other areas in medicine as a result. This is really going to become problematic, as the American Geriatrics Society found, there are now 7,000 board-certified Geriatricians in the U.S. – about 1 for every 2,700 Americans aged 75 and older. However, by 2030, this ratio will drop in half to 1 Geriatrician for every 5,500 seniors. If nothing changes, Medicare will become insolvent by 2030.


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